Environmental Safety Products

Jesbra Group (PTY) Ltd trading as Spill Doctor is a fully registered South African operation established in 2010 with our head office based in Salt Rock, KwaZulu Natal. We offer a range of FM approved environmental safety products like flammable cabinets, safety cans, spill kits and degreasers to name a few.

We believe that proactive behaviour is necessary for the manufacturing, storage and transporting of hazardous materials or products. Should you not be prepared in the event of a spillage, your company may be liable for the environmental damage caused by the spillage which could result in hefty fines or imprisonment if found negligent. It is vitally important that you have both proactive and reactive procedures in place for any small or large spillages.

Transparent Pricing Tag

First and only company in our sector to offer fully transparent online pricing.


First to be proactive in reducing risks for spill and fire threats rather than reacting once the threat has already occurred.

Locally Manufactured

First to offer locally manufactured non combustible flammable steel stores and spill berms.

Proud to be accepted as a Corporate Saiosh member.

Site Surveys

First to offer free site surveys and inspections.


First to offer finance to approved end users.

Why Choose Spill Doctor As Your Preferred Supplier of Environmental Safety Products:

As a key supplier in the health and environmental safety industry, we make it our mission to know and understand the most recent codes and standards set out by national and international regulators. We stive to provide products that are not only safe for flammable and hazardous storage, but also comply with regulations that are designed to keep you and your employees safe.

Although our focus is on minimizing risk and prevention of incidents, we understand that environmental spills may still occur. For this reason, we offer a fully bio-remedial oil “eater” as well as spill kits for any clean up that may be needed.

As a corporate Saiosh member, we are committed to preventing and reducing workplace incidents and accidents throughout South Africa by supplying safety products that minimize the risk of chemical spills and fires.

Our Product Range:

Our internationally compliant environmental safety products are aimed at assisting our clients to reduce the risk of fire, employee injury and environmental damage caused by incorrect storage of flammable liquids and hazardous materials. Our clients can have peace of mind in knowing that they are receiving FM approved products along with an exclusive 10-year limited warranty.

Our environmental safety products for spill control, spill containment and spill kits offer compliance with local environmental regulations and a 5-year guarantee on polyethylene products.

At Spill Doctor your needs are important to us. In some cases, we find that customers are unsure of which of our products will suit them best. If this is the case with you, please get hold of us directly and let us know what difficulties you are facing at the workplace or what problems you would like to avoid. Our experts will advise you on the best way forward. Call us on +27 (010) 003 6060 or email us: sales@spilldoctor.co.za

Helping you to store and distribute flammable liquids in a safe and compliant manner